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How often should I have a treatment?

This is entirely your choice. Our unique holistic facial is highly beneficial as a one-off, perhaps for a treat or before a night out or special event. For the greatest longer-term effects, you might wish to book a course of 6 or more before moving onto monthly maintenance sessions to keep you topped up.

What products do you use?

We highly recommend our practitioners use Botanicals which are certified organic, vegan friendly, cruelty free beauty products which are made using sustainably sourced natural ingredients and lovingly hand-crafted in rural Leicestershire.

I have sensitive skin; will your products be ok?

The products we use are all very gentle plus we have a range that is specifically suited for more sensitive skins.

How many treatments will I need before I see an improvement?

You should notice a difference and a natural facelift after the first treatment, but it depends what your starting point is. If you regularly have facials and have a good self-care routine for your skin that includes facial tools, your results won’t appear to be as dramatic. However, with the added element of Gentle Release Therapy the  improvement should not only be aesthetic, but also physical and emotional. All results will differ from person to person depending on several external factors such as the amount of stress in your life, how you deal with stress, your nutrition, your water intake and exposure to toxins such as alcohol and smoking.

How long will the effects last?

By having weekly treatments for the first 12 weeks, the results become cumulative. After this period, results would be expected to last at least 2-3 months which is why after 12 weeks we recommend monthly maintenance treatments, to benefit long term.

Can men have the treatment?

Yes, we very much welcome men. In our experience they tend to find treatment inexplicably relaxing!

What do I need to do before I come for a treatment?

Your practitioner will require that you complete a consultation for prior to treatment. Try not to tan, get sunburn or wax for at least 48 hours prior to the facial to avoid irritation and stinging. Male clients should come unshaven, to avoid skin sensitivity.

What should I wear?

The treatment is fully clothed, so wear something comfortable. Hoodies aren’t ideal as they can get in the way. We do our best to protect your clothes using towels, but it may be best to avoid wearing anything delicate just in case.

Can I come in my make-up or reapply makeup afterwards?

We recommend that you come without make-up if possible. If you happen to have make-up on, don’t worry, we start the treatment by cleansing the face anyway. If you can let your skin breathe and recover after the treatment that would be preferable, but we understand that isn’t always possible. If you do need to re-apply make-up before you leave, please let us know when making your booking.

What should I do after the treatment?

Drink plenty of water to flush through and cleanse your system. We strongly recommend avoiding the gym or sweating heavily for 24 hours after your treatment to allow your skin, body and mind to recover. It is also advisable not to exfoliate for 48 hours after the treatment to avoid damaging your skin.

Is there anything I can do at home between treatments to help the results?

Yes, there are several things you can do and we encourage! We can recommend products for home use and there are also Gentle Release practices you can do at home between treatments to release tension and stress, keeping your energy flowing. We also have a short online course (coming soon) to show you how to use the facial tools at home if you want to use them between treatments. 

Can I have a treatment while pregnant?

Yes, this would be fantastic. The Gentle Release aspect will release tension and stress, allowing your body to unwind and re-align, the facial aspect will be wonderfully indulgent and relaxing. It’s an ideal time for you prior to the arrival of your baby, when time for you isn’t so easy to come by!

Are there any contra-indications?

Yes, although it is a very gentle treatment, as with many things there are occasions when it wouldn’t be safe to receive a treatment. Treatment is not recommended immediately after surgery, if you have had Botox in the last 3 weeks or dermal fillers in the last 6 weeks. Please contact your practitioner if you have any questions about whether the treatment would be suitable for you.

Can my teenager come for a treatment?

Yes, teenagers are more than welcome to come for treatments. Being a teenager in today’s world is perhaps more stressful than it ever has been. Helping teens to release tension and stress whilst supporting their skin would be a lovely experience.

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