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In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that beautiful, glowing skin is a reflection of healthy flowing Energy or Qi. Having successfully launched Gentle Release Therapy (which is based on working with Qi) to a beatific response, founder Helen Robinson (also trained in facial acupuncture and massage) saw the potential to enhance results even further. She sought to blend the two practices and set about creating a totally a new treatment that would give clients all the benefits of energy work coupled with a skin rejuvenating facial practice. EnerQi is the result of this unique fusion meaning that qi, blood and lymph can flow more smoothly not only throughout the body but with a focus on the face, jaw and cranial system.

By also working with lymphatic system, blockages are flushed away thus reducing puffiness and improving definition in the face. EnerQi Facial Rejuvenation has been purposefully designed to be gentle, meditative and relaxing. The very best in natural beauty.


“Having trained in facial acupuncture and facial massage, previously relying on the application of these techniques, I now find that by working on an energetic level there is a more significant transformation in clients. By encouraging deep relaxation and using Gentle Release Therapy, tensions and held emotions calmly 
melt away.”

Helen Robinson, Founder 

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