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Treatment begins with the ceremonial chiming of Tingsha bells: a signal to relax, breathe deeply and be present. Your therapist will give you a facial cleanse, exfoliation and then after applying a comforting facial oil will use an acu-pressure dermal roller to soften muscular tension. Lymphatic drainage is encouraged by a jade roller, boosting the skin’s detoxification process. The ancient Chinese healing technique of Gua Sha then helps to break up fascia to further improve circulation. This is followed by gentle facial cupping, ensuring the absorption of nutrients to the skin and reducing puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. 


A mask is applied whilst your therapist then intuitively offers some abdominal Gentle Release Therapy or cranial work using Facial Acu-Touch points or Cranial Gentle Release. Deep relaxation is encouraged during the energetic work following which the mask is then removed and the skin toned. Your therapist will then apply serum and moisturise to complete. The chime of the Tingsha bells once more signifies the conclusion of your treatment, a divinely transformational experience for the mind, body and soul alike. Natural Beauty and wellness taken to a whole new level.

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