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Adding EnerQi Facial Rejuvenation to your practice has many benefits including the potential to open up a new client base, particularly if you are new to energy work. Whilst the emphasis of this work is always upon healing clients, it can also help you to standout from traditional facialists and can add a new revenue stream to your business. As the practice is underpinned by all the principles of Gentle Release Therapy, it is a requirement that any EnerQi Facial Rejuvenation practitioner first completes the Gentle Release Therapy Practitioner Training. It is a beautiful way to support natural beauty inside and out. Beauty and Wellness...Finally you can have it all!


If you are considering becoming an EnerQi practitioner, find out more about Gentle Release Therapy here. Here is the information about our forthcoming Practitioner Training Retreats. You may wish to have a read of the EnerQi Course Prospectus.

Course Details

Course Length: 1.5 days of in person or 1 day of live online training plus some theory elements
online and then case studies of 10 treatment sessions.

Course Cost: £250 online or roughly £300 for in person…depending on venue costs. (We are happy for you to pay in instalments).

The Treatment: 90 mins and includes a luxury facial with hot towels, intuitive use of gua sha,
acupressure dermal roller, jade roller, facial cupping, energy work on acupuncture points on the face and the Gentle Release skills you already have. Clients may wish to have one off treatments for special occasions or a course of weekly treatments then monthly maintenance treatments.

There will be investment required for tools, hot towels, products and towel heater. Since this treatment brings in elements of Gentle Release Therapy it will only be available for people that have completed the Gentle Release Practitioner training course and to get insurance and receive your certificate you need to have completed your case studies, project and exam.

Accredited online and in person by CThA and Thinktree. CThA require that you have a level 3 in
massage or reflexology. If you only have a Gentle Release background Thinktree will take care of
you! Accredited in person only by FHT, unless in lockdown.

Please check with your insurers before booking to check that they will be happy to insure you,
whether you choose an in person or online (blended) course.

Upcoming Courses

Please check for upcoming course dates.

If you would like to organise a group course booking please contact us.

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