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“My complexion was so much fresher and healthier looking, less blemishes with a more even skin tone. I started to see facial benefits after the first session. Lines around my eyes had gone but after 4-6 sessions there was the greatest change, hard to believe a holistic facial can bring about such a change and a natural facelift!” Katie

“The gentle massage with the jade roller and gua sha was simply wonderful, and I felt a real sense of age flowing away. I was so astounded to see the huge difference in my skin, the brightness had returned, crow’s feet and anxiety lines on my forehead were diminished, as were lines around my chin. I really couldn’t believe it! The benefits lasted for a few months. I will most certainly be booking some more sessions.” Tricia

“I have the same feeling as when I booked a ten-day holiday but wished I had booked two weeks. I feel absolutely amazing and so alive. What a beautiful experience and I can visibly see the difference. I cannot wait for my next treatment.” Jayne

“My skin felt so smooth. I felt uplifted but relaxed and had a level of higher clarity and productively after the treatment, next day and beyond. My face appeared fresher, lighter and brighter. This visual was mirrored by how I felt inside too which left me with more vigour for life!” Liz

"OMG!! Was the mot amazing thing ever!!!!" Ali

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