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Tricia Week 1 before and after EnerQi-pa
Katie Week 1 before and Week 8 after Ene
Katie Week 1 before and Week 2 after sid
Liz Week 8 before and Week 8 after side

**We are all unique individuals and results will vary**

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Pilot Menopause Study 

Our pilot menopause study showed significant improvement in symptoms for the majority of women, which lasted for almost a month. It is likely that some clients may need more treatments initially to make greater progress, whereas some women will benefit from monthly or occasional treatments, depending on their symptoms. The full effects of the treatment are reached about 4 days afterwards and some continued to improve until 1 week afterwards.


We hope to raise funding to do a larger research project with more women to test a larger sample and more regular treatments to test cumulative effects. We would also like to test shorter treatments to see how we can make it more accessible to more women and also compare against a placebo. If we were to measure symptoms again, we would measure hot flushes more specifically too as the levels in the MRS are quite broad and this would give us more precise data.

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